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Let’s pick the Player of April

Saturday, May 7, 2016



In the second month of spring, Shakhter played eight games in three competitions: the Ukrainian league, the domestic Cup and the Europa League. Following the results of these meetings, our website conducts a traditional poll, in which the website audience are requested to name the Player of April

One of the key players is Taras Stepanenko, who participated in all eight games and made his debut in the role of captain. Marlos and Taison have also been active. The Brazilians not only acted as playmakers, but also successfully completed the team's attacking moves. They have scored three goals each.

You can make your choice by following the link. 

Please note! The winner of the month will be traditionally determined through a staged voting. Along with the fans, Shakhtar former players and sports journalists will express their opinion. The player who gets the maximum points, will be announced the winner. His name will be published on the official website.