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Vyacheslav Shevchuk: Fans will support good performance

Saturday, May 7, 2016



Shakhtar defender talks about the upcoming game vs Karpaty

- Shakhtar are competing for the domestic Cup. How important is the league meeting for you?
- For us, every game is very important, including the upcoming meeting with the Lviv side. We play for a big club, so we must play every game to high standards.

- You have recently had many draws and a defeat. What is the general atmosphere in the team?
- We are professionals. We should work, play to the end and solve our tasks.

- The Ultras Karpaty stated that they will aggressively receive Shakhtar and their fans. How do you prepare for it mentally?
- I think the fans of the two clubs will unite and support some good performance together. Why aggression? Let people come and watch football, since we play for them. Currently we have public holidays in the country, so they can come to the stadium with their families, children, and just have fun.

- In such difficult situations, how do you maintain consistency and balance? Do you have any kind of psychological defence?
- From the fans? I am sure there will be no aggression.