Volodymyr Bezubyak: Defeat can be booked as income

Sunday, May 8, 2016



Senior coach of Karpaty took part in the post-match press conference

- I’m pleased with the team’s performance and attitude. The players wanted to make a gift to their mothers and finish the season positively. They also wanted to make a present to the captain Ihor Plastun, who has played his 150th match today. But we failed to do so. Mircea Lucescu was right when he said it would be a tough game. I am also pleased that we have scored two goals, with another one on the referee’s head, with the opponents enjoying none. Still, I think that the outcome was not important, but I have seen the attitude and the team spirit. Karpaty players were charged by a common idea, but the spot kick... I won’t discuss it. Most importantly, the referees were not biased, while everyone makes mistakes. But the penalty situation was created by him out of nothing. Our footballer says that there was no foul at all. There was a challenge for the ball, with one player falling down. But why? He deliberately tilted, provoking the referee. And referees – just look who officiates! We have the family contract case here – just the sons of former referees, and it’s hard to make it into that team of officials. But that’s all right. We will somehow survive it. Although such games rarely work out, with such a good attitude. We had chances to score more, but Shakhtar are Shakhtar, the Donetsk side showed their class. It’s a pity that it happened, but I think that this defeat can be booked as our income. I am also thankful to the fans, we felt their support. Of course, there was no need to stoop to the foul language - it does not make Lviv any better. Our city has always been cultural, and when people from the East came here, they mentioned that everything was cultured - even in the market. This should be maintained in any situation.

- In January, you and Oleg Luzhnyi were appointed to lead the team and they said that at the end of the season they would decide on your future. Have you discussed it with the management?
- I got a clear task: Europa League. Failing the task implies finishing my work as a senior coach. That’s also my fault, even though we had some chances. So I think that another mentor will take charge of the team. While we are the soldiers. We are told to attack, and we attack. I am an employee of the club, and my future does not depend on me, but rather on the management of the club. I tried to do my job fairly. Of course, I am not happy with the outcome. If they offered it again, I would agreed again, stirll treating certain issues differently: the training process, the discipline.

- And what was Oleh Luzhnyi busy doing during the three months? Did he influence your work?
- About Luzhnyi you’d better pose those questions to him... He was watching all the teams, assessed the performance of the U19 team, the reserve team, the first team. He followed the Karpaty line-up and their potential with a focus on the future. Thinking out loud is my subjective point of view, and I wouldn’t deal with agreements. Instructions to me from Luzhnyi? It never happened!

- Is it possible that Luzhnyi will take charge of Karpaty?
- Everything is possible, I think he will head them. Perhaps there are other options. No one will share the secrets of the club, and that’s right! Still, it’s a private entity.