DUFL: clean sheets

Sunday, May 8, 2016



As part of the DUFL 14th round, Shakhtar U14 and U16 received their MFC Kremen counterparts

Shakhtar Donetsk U14  5-0 (3-0)  MFC Kremen Kremenshug U14

Goals: Kondratenko (7), Umanets (11), Plaksa (17), the Potalov (35), Plaksa (55)

Shakhtar U14: Turbayevskyi (Chekotun, 40), Potalov, Shysh (Avdeev, 45), Kondratenko, Zaitsev (Alizadeh, 31) Umanets (Kurtsev, 31) Kobzar, Kobylyanskyi, Gladkovskyi, Abdullayev, Plaksa

Head coach: Ihor Leonov
Coach: Andriy Zabolotnyi

The encounter was commented on by Shakhtar U14 coach Andriy Zabolotnyi:

- We gave the opportunity to prove themselves to the guys who did not have enough match practice. The same Plaksa and Kobzar played a full match. All the guys proved themselves well, they have proved that we have a decent reserve. We made numerous moves, creating dangerous chances and scoring spectacular goals. We could have won with even bigger score. In such meetings, it is sometimes difficult to find motivation, but this time the players had glowing eyes, so we should thank them for their dedication.

Shakhtar Donetsk U16  0-0  MFC Kremen Kremenshug U16

Shakhtar U16: Rumyantsev, Koryakin (Chmyrev, 65), Bilokur, Shushko, Katerusha, Dobrokhotov Drozdov (Vyachistyi, 55), Holovkin (Leskov, 75), Prybluda, Maksymenko (Litovchenko, 41), Apanchuk (Tsekalo, 41)

Head coach: Hennadiy Zubov
Coach: Oleksandr Alimov

- We confidently dominated it, and in general played well, - the head coach of Shakhtar U16 Henadiy Zubov commented on the match. - But we failedto bring the game to its logical conclusion. We created chances, but failed to convert them. The opponents defended well. We managed to rip open their defence, attacking well through the wings, we just had somewhat poor finishing. We will draw our conclusions, analyse the errors and continue preparing.