Shakhtar to take field wearing special shirts

Sunday, May 8, 2016



On May 8, on the day of Karpaty vs Shakhtar game, they mark Mother's Day in Ukraine. This is one of the most respected and revered holidays in the world

For the players of Shakhtar, who very seldom see their mothers due to the nature of their profession, this day has a special significance. Today, the Pitmen have a unique opportunity to thank their mothers for having given them life, and to tell the mothers how much they love them even remotely. Therefore, in recognition of the occasion, the Donetsk team will appear for the formal greeting prior to the opening whistle, wearing the shirts featuring the Thank You, Mom! phrase in different languages. The club received a special permission from the Premier League for that.

FC Shakhtar heartily greets all mothers and mothers-to-be on this wonderful holiday. Thank you for giving us life, for your love and patience!