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Bernard: Now our main goal is reaching the final

Tuesday, May 10, 2016



On the morning of May 10, Shakhtar went to the sports facility in Vinnyky. You can find the photo spread featuring the session in our gallery. Now, we are bringing you an interview by Shakhtar midfielder, which he gave immediately upon the session completion

- Bernard, the first semi-final game against Oleksandriya proved tough and difficult. What kind of performance do you expect this time?
- The last meeting with them turned very tough. And on Wednesday, the match will be difficult. But at the moment, our main goal is advancing to the Cup final and winning the trophy! So all our players will take to the pitch being well-prepared.

- They forecast some raining during tomorrow’s game. Is that good or bad performance wise?
- On a slightly wet pitch, Shakhtar could run even faster.

- What qualities of Oleksandriya would you highlight?
- Any club playing at this stage of the competition deserves it. So, they have a set of strong features. But each team have their weaknesses, including Oleksandriya. Therefore, we will try to take advantage of them.

- Are Oleksandriya unhandy team playing style wise?
- Their style is difficult for any Ukrainian club. They always take the field having the will to win. But we want just one thing at the moment - to raise the Ukrainian Cup! That’s exactly why we will fight.

- Oleksandr Kucher is missing the upcoming meeting. Will it be hard to replace him?
- Everyone knows that Oleksandr  is a very important player in our team, helping his teammates on the pitch, Mister and the whole team trust him. Of course, we will miss him. But just look at our experience: when it happens that someone gets excessive cards or gets suspended, the other guys adequately replace them. I believe that this case is no exception. We have the whole team playing.

- You know the opponents well. How do you think tomorrow’s game will develop?
- You know, sometimes it happens that we charge forward, with Oleksandriya breaking on the counter, while we, in turn, also respond with a counterattack! So I cannot say right now what tactics we will stick to – primarily not to reveal our secrets. We understand that it will be necessary to make use of every opportunity to send it home.