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Volodymyr Sharan: Yesterday in Vinnyky, we practised spot kicks

Thursday, May 12, 2016



Head coach of Oleksandriya took part in the post-match press conference

- Shakhtar have outclassed our team today. Therefore, we are generally happy with the way we played in the cup competition this season. Had they told us earlier that we would make it to the semi-finals and claim a 1-1 first-leg draw against Shakhtar, no one would have believed that. Including ourselves! Thank you very much guys, we are grateful to you! We played as we could. Shakhtar are Shakhtar, with the Donetsk team proving it today.

- You reacted very aggressively to the ref’s decisions. What do you make of the refereeing?
- I do not want to assess the refereeing, honestly! Because there were cases when they asked me and asked me to do that, and then I had to say: I won’t do it any more. There are experts, let them do it. You are welcome to ask me questions about the game.

- Today, to accomplish another feat and reach the final, you had to score at least once. How were you going to do it and what didn’t work offensively?
- Firstly, we were going at least not to concede any goals. We realised that Shakhtar would have numerous chances, but still tried to keep a clean sheet. Offensively, we relied on blistering counterattacks and set pieces. But we were missing some players. We worked a lot on set play in training, because we had to give our all against such opponents. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Although we threatened until the end of the meeting, because we deployed two strikers in the second half, but still had no scoring opportunities near Shakhtar goal.

- Are you happy with the substitution players?
- We have never fielded this team! Many players are injured, with Shendrik and Polyarus being suspended. And this morning, the doctor said that the left-back Chebotayev, who looked very decent in recent matches, would not be able to play. He had a fever, so Banada appeared at left back. He looked decent, I'm pleased with that. With such rotations underway, it was difficult to hope for a positive result. But I'm just grateful to the team, as I said in the dressing room.

- How’s Targamadze? When will he be back?
- Yesterday, I talked to David. It will undergo recovery at Shakhtar. They have removed the plaster for now, he will return to Ukraine in two to three weeks and will have the second operation to remove screws or plates, I do not know what exactly. Doctors say it will take him another month to recover, so we shouldn’t be running ahead of ourselves. It depends upon what they say at Shakhtar.  We want to extend the deal, relying upon the player

- You said that trainings are standard. The spot kicks too?
- Of course! We always master spot kicks, especially before the Cup matches. Yesterday in Vinnyky, we practised spot kicks. Anything could happen: football is football.

- Who will you root for in the final?
- Neither side! I will be just watching a great game.