Bogdan Sarnavskyi: Zorya are strong cohesion wise

Saturday, May 14, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeper talks about his expectations ahead of the 2015/16 season closing game

- Bogdan, in what mood are you preparing for the meeting vs Zorya?
- Basically, no one thinks that that’s the closing game of the season. We are preparing for it in a normal mode and we expect a tough match.

- The previous round game against Karpaty didn’t decide anything standing wise either, but it still was tense and spectacular...
- Right, the game was not easy, although we controlled it, not allowing the opponents create anything besides the penalty spot situation. However, even after conceding the spot kick, I think, we would have won it anyway.

- Do you expect the same bright performance on Sunday?
- Most probably, it will be a combative game. The Luhansk team feature many players on loan from Shakhtar. They will give their all on the pitch, being eager to prove that they can play for Shakhtar.

- What is the secret behind Zorya’s success? What makes the Luhansk side one of Ukraine’s top teams?
- I think that Zorya’s strength is the team unity. I know many guys from the Luhansk team, they are very good friends in everyday life, being a single thing on the pitch, also being ready to conquer new heights in football.

- Are you considering the upcoming match as preparation for the Ukrainian Cup final?
- No, I don’t. That’s another league game for us, which we must win.