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Mircea Lucescu: Cup final will see a completely different game

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Press conference by Shakhtar head coach

- First of all, I’m happy with the fact that we arrived in Zaporizhya and the match was taking place today in front of a large number of spectators who supported the team. There was a football atmosphere. Accordingly, both sides turned in some great performance. Good intensity throughout the match. We did not deploy several of our players. Zorya players on loan from Shakhtar were very much motivated. It was noticeable that they want to get back. Meanwhile, our players were somewhat slack and they were punished for that. I think on Saturday, the Cup final will see a completely different game. I also wanted to have a look at our Academy youngsters today. I am not very pleased with them. Perhaps, to an extent, they even got scared, especially Matviyenko did not play very well, as well as Zubkov and Arabidze. They haven’t reached the intensity level today. This is their first match, so I don’t have any more criticism to them. As for our opponents, they operated very aggressively. It is noticeable that the team are very well prepared physically. Zorya also took advantage of our losing the two fullbacks. Therefore, we had to change the entire defence system. Naturally, we shifted Malyshev to perform the wingback role, so we lost midfield in tackling terms. But in general, the game was very spectacular. I have got enough information for analysis before the Cup final against Zorya. I'm sure the game will have the same intensity. It’s good that those who remained in Kyiv today, have watched the match and, most probably, they have analysed it correctly.

- We read a lot: the whole Ukrainian football community very positively reacted to the news that you have allowed to play those on loan. As we can see, both teams showcased very good football. Do you plan to take the same step in the Cup?
- We will see. I promised it and I want to keep my word. The only danger lies in the fact that today we had a very aggressive game. Naturally, it is important to avoid injuries. We still have time, we will analyse it and take the right decision. Probably sometimes, aggressiveness just crosses the line. It is particularly clear that our players want to prove themselves and return to Shakhtar. Today's game revealed again that two good Ukrainian League sides have met. So we'll see.