Yevhen Seleznyov: I want to claim victories and win trophies

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Shakhtar striker, who signed a two-year deal with the Pitmen, has shared his first impressions

- Yevhen, returning to the home club is always associated with some special emotions.
- Yes, they are very pleasant and positive! Until the very last moment, I could not believe that I am getting back to Shakhtar. Donetsk is my home city, while Shakhtar is the club that gave me a start in football life. So I am very glad to be a part of this team again.

- How did the Shakhtar move option originate? Was it a long negotiation process?
- There was virtually no negotiation. They just phoned me up and told me about the Shakhtar option available, I talked to the president and agreed immediately.

- What did the president say?
- He said that we needed to help Shakhtar become the champions again. It was needless to say anything else.

- How did the coaches and teammates meet you?
- So far, I have only talked to Darijo Srna and Yaroslav Rakits’kyy. They called me and congratulated me on my return.

- When do you plan to start training?
- I hope to start training with the team as early as tomorrow. Today I’ve been busy finalising all the formalities and domestic issues. In general, I'm ready!

- There was a lot of talk about your move to Kuban...
- I can say only one thing: one is never wrong only if they do nothing.

- Less than a month is left before the Euro 2016. Where would you like to see yourself at the time of the European Championships?
- I hope that I can do something to help our national team. This is exactly why I am here. Lately, I've been playing all the time, scored goals and trained. So I’ve got no issues fitness wise.

- Yevhen, this is your third move to Shakhtar, with whom you have won the Ukrainian League, the domestic Cup and Super Cup, as well as the UEFA Cup. What else do you want to achieve with the Pitmen?
- It’s true that I won virtually everything I could win with Shakhtar at club level. And in my case, there can be just one motivation – to repeat all that! I want to claim victories and win more trophies. I believe that I can help Shakhtar, can strengthen the team. I will make every effort to bring Shakhtar to winning new titles. But most importantly, what we all want is returning to our home, the Donbass Arena. That's my biggest dream!

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