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Taison: We must win

Thursday, May 19, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder answered questions from the media on the eve of the Ukrainian Cup final game against Zorya

- Taison, were you surprised when Mister caught you and brought you here to answer questions?
- The son should respect his father.

- What do you make of the upcoming encounter with Luhansk?
- Of course, this is the Cup final, the last match. Zorya are quite a strong team, they know how to play good football, so we will be fully focused. We want to finish this season well.

- Have the team been experiencing any pressure due to the fact that this is, perhaps, Lucescu’s last game at the helm of Shakhtar?
- No, in fact, we fell no pressure. Mister behaves just in the same way, we hold our standard training. I do not think that we should talk about it today, as everything will be decided after the match. Mircea Lucescu is a great man, he is happy. The main thing is that everything’s fine with him, and it shouldn’t affect us. Mister and the club management will discuss everything after the game.

- How important is it for the Pitmen to win a trophy this season?
- If your analyse our campaign this year, I think we just must win. Our team reached the Europa League semi-finals, won two derbies against Dynamo and proved to be excellent. Therefore, we must win it, it will be a great achievement for us.

- Is it important to you whether the stadium will be filled at the final game?
- This is very important for any player, even more so in the final of such a competition. Everyone appreciates when fans are coming, the arena is filled and you can feel the support of every spectator.

- Taison, it is becoming a tradition that Shakhtar top players gradually leave the club, gaining certain shape. Are you ready to leave for Europe now?
- Personally, I am in a good physical form, of course, I am ready to leave any moment. But I'm happy at Shakhtar. It depends not only on me, it should be considered by the club management. They will take certain decisions.