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Come on, Let’s Play!: grand finale in Lviv

Saturday, May 21, 2016



On May 21 in Lviv, on the day of the Ukrainian Cup final game, another final took place among the participants of the Come on, Let’s Play! project initiated by Shakhtar

Eight teams of two age groups: from 7 to 10 and from 11 to 13.

Following the competition results, the top spots in the senior age group distributed as follows:

- 1st spot: Sportresurs 1
- 2nd spot: Gymnasia
- 3rd spot: Znesynnia

And in the age group of 7 to 10, Gymnasia became the winners. The second spot was claimed by the guys from theSportresurs 2 team. The bronze medals went to the Znesynnia team.

FC Shakhtar also established individual awards. They went to two girls participating in the project. Also, individual prizes were awarded to:

The best U13 goalie – Petro Kuzo
The best U13 player – Ostap Chizho
The best U10 player – Yuriy Symkiv
The best U10 goalie – Mykyta Kuzmin

Traditionally, the winners in each age category were solemnly handed cups and medals. And the best players were presented with player kits and figurines from the Donetsk club. Besides, all the participants received souvenirs from FC Shakhtar.

Trophies were awarded to young sportsmen by Shakhtar midfielder Andriy Korobenko and goalkeeping coach Dmytro Shutkov.

- The Come On, Let's Play! project has been successfully operating for several years now – initially in Donetsk, and since last year in Lviv. It brings people great benefits: children develop physically, get positive emotions from the game, leave their PCs for a while, - says Dmytro Shutkov. – It's great that now the participants in the Come on, Let’s Play! project have the opportunity to play football outdoors and communicate with the current Shakhtar players!

Let us remind you that the Come on, Let’s Play! project was launched on October 1, 2015, being very popular in Donetsk for several years now. In the homeland of Shakhtar, over 200 children aged 7 to 12 are involved in playing football, alongside with regular competitions being held among the teams.