Rinat Akhmetov: Happy anniversary, dear friends!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Greetings from FC Shakhtar president Rinat Akhmetov on the 80th foundation anniversary of the club

Dear friends!

I want to extend my heartfelt greetings to the fans, the veterans, the team, the staff and the entire football family of Shakhtar on the occasion of the club’s 80th foundation anniversary!

I want to sincerely say a huge thank you to each of you today! Thank you, our fans. Shakhtar value you the most. Thank you for your support and involvement! For the fact that Shakhtar is in your hearts.

Thank you, the players! Thank you for the outstanding and spectacular performance. And most importantly, thank you for the fact that, despite all the difficulties and hardships, despite the fact that you have been playing away for two years now, you have still been doing everything possible and impossible for the club to claim victories. Thank you, guys!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Mister and his assistants. We have covered a long distance together and achieved great success. We have been one family. Sharing the joy of victories and the bitterness of defeats. For the twelve years with Mircea Lucescu at the helm, Shakhtar has won 22 trophies: the UEFA Cup, eight league titles, six Cups and seven Super Cups of Ukraine. A lot of work and Mister’s wisdom is behind each trophy.

I could never imagine that I would part with Mister like that. Today, I am saying thank you to the coach Lucescu, not saying goodbye to my friend Lucescu, I will always come to his place and he will always come to mine. Together with the fans, we will properly thank Mister at the Donbass Arena. And I am convinced that the Donbass Arena will give Lucescu a standing ovation.

Today, Shakhtar marks its anniversary – for 80 years have we been writing the history of our club. The history of different destinies and generations, the history of competitions and achievements. I am grateful to the veterans of Shakhtar from the bottom of my heart! For the traditions, for the solid foundation, thank you so much for the fact that you created Shakhtar’s glory.

I want to say to all our fans that we will never give up. And we will set the most ambitious goals. We will fight for every trophy.

I strongly believe that peace will return to the Donbass for sure, and that Shakhtar will return to their home, the Donbass Arena. The Champions League theme song will be played at the overcrowded stadium. And we will be giving our team a standing ovation!

Let me extend my greetings on the occasion to you, dear friends! Happy anniversary!

Yours respectfully,
Rinat Akhmetov, FC Shakhtar president