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Guess the Score: winner of the season is going to Champions League game

Thursday, May 26, 2016



The football season has come to a close. So, it's time to sum up the Guess the Score competition and name the winners based on the results of the season

Thus, Oleksandr Treshchev from Zaporizhya has enjoyed the competition triumph. He will go to the Pitmen’s Champions League away game! Oleksandr has been a fan of Shakhtar since 1979.

- My father comes from Donetsk, he’s the one to have instilled the love for the club in me. I studied in the capital of Donbas, then I moved to Zaporizhya, carrying the liking for the Pitmen through all those years. I like to travel, trying to attend the Pitmen’s away games when possible. For example, last spring I went to Cyprus, when Shakhtar held a mini training camp there. I supported the Orange-Blacks and, of course, I left my predictions in the Guess the Score contest. That’s my second season in the game. Last year, I hit the top ten, finally managing to win this season.

Oleksandr revealed the secret of his success:

- This competition is quite specific. It's called Guess the Score, but a lot in it depends on whether you can guess the goalscorers. That gives you extra points. About half an hour before the match kickoff, I studied the lineups, those who made it to the first XI and who stayed on the bench, adjusting my forecasts. This is important because, for example, Eduardo scored a lot of goals after coming on as a sub player. That is, the understanding of the principles of Shakhtar’s performance is also one of the keys to success.

The second spot in the competition belongs to Shakhtar’s devoted fan Oleh Martynov. He will get a tablet with the club's logo.

- For three years now, I have been taking part in the Guess the Score project, having only the most wonderful experience. This is not my first prize, previously I also won a T-shirt from Shakhtar for claiming the third spot, but I am more lucky this time, claiming the top spot in the competition. My children just really wanted a tablet. I will continue to play, now hoping to be able to claim the top spot.

Oleg says that it was very difficult to guess Shakhtar’s results this year, especially at the end of the season:

- The Pitmen have been unpredictable recently, so it was hard to make any predictions. But I have been following the football events all the time, so on the basis of all the information it is often possible to predict the score. I always support Shakhtar and really look forward to the team’s return to their home city of Donetsk.

Oleksandr Kokhan from Kyiv, who will receive a smartphone featuring the Pitmen’s logo, has finished in the third spot. The bronze medalist of the season said that notwithstanding the fact that his father is a fan of Dynamo, he himself has been supporting Shakhtar for about eight years now, because he is impressed by Shakhtar’s playing style.

- In previous seasons of the Guess the Score contest I never topped it, - said Oleksandr. - And this year, I believed in the team and their success, so I bet on victories. Of course, my predictions were not always accurate, but I can be proud of the Schalke 04 vs Shakhtar match, in which I guessed the score and all the goalscorers right, as well as of the 3-0 win over Dynamo.