Miguel Cardoso: It has been an incredible ride

Saturday, May 28, 2016



Today, 28 May, the head coach of Shakhtar U21 team Miguel Cardoso marks his birthday

We extend our greetings to the birthday boy and take this opportunity to ask him a few questions.

How Miguel has changed over the past year?
I didn´t really change, just renewed energy every day, was feed by the reality and with this energy tried to seduce, to evolve people to become better, to develop. I lived incredible experiences last 3 years in Ukraine and from them I also try to grow as an individual, a human being. Sometimes I´m a little too demanding from people around me but I do it so that we can “change” together, we can analyze our practices and most of all reach an understanding point that allows the group to be stronger, more united and more competent. Anyway, as commonly is said, “the walk makes the walker”, and it has been an incredible ride! 

- Team is the reflection of its coach. What are the traits of Miguel’s personality that the team got since the moment you started to work with it?
I think the most obvious trait of my personality that the team acquired with time is organization. With the word organization I mean a clear understanding of the principles wanted for the different moments of the game, so that all individual and sectorial behaviors are linked with the team, and are expressed according to the collective relations established. This is the way we work and we believe that allows the players to develop, not cutting out on their creativity but putting it inside a collective responsibility. Football don´t allow you mistakes and if you have good organization you can better control the opponent´s, their game and increase the possibilities to win. In life, things are also like this, right!

- What are the 3 main components of successful player?
I think there are more than 3 components that influence the process of bringing up a player to the high performance level but no doubt that “self-discipline”, “capacity to overcome obstacles and keep focused on the objectives” and “capacity to deal with first signs of sports recognition and wealthy” are among the most important ones. 

- Name the game of Reserve in this season which you proud of the most. 
It´s difficult to point out one single game where the sports performance of the team made me proud.  There were a lot of them that gave me this feeling. I would like to make reference to the incredible beginning of season we had when we won 7 games in a row and showed very good football. It was a great period where the boys completely focused themselves on the work, where we hadn´t any kind of problems and full squad was on disposal. I remember, for example, the game away in Metalist when they played reinforced by young first team players and after an unfair draw goal and with less one player we were able to score, win and completely control the game. This was indeed remarkable game, if you want one single reference. But again I repeat, in many more we lived together incredible emotions!