Vyacheslav Shevchuk: Captain should be a role model for everyone

Monday, May 30, 2016



The defender of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team reflects on the victory over Romania

- Vyacheslav, for the last time the national team scored more than three goals back in October 2013, when they defeated San Marino 8-0. What helped you to succeed in yesterday's match against major contenders?
- Indeed, we encountered a good team, organized one, who claimed the second spot in their group and advanced to the European Championship. In the qualifying round, Romania conceded just two goals, if I'm not mistaken. We managed to score four, although we could have netted even more, as we had chances. It’s good that we have played this game, it was important for us. It is necessary that everyone is in good shape before the European Championship.

- The match did not start very well, since you were the first to concede a goal. How much did the goal by Gabriel Torje affect your further performance?
- I do not think it affected us. We made a mistake, we gave one away. Although the game was even, we launched some good wing attacking moves. It’s great that we scored one just before half-time. We started the second half more confidently, capitalising on the mistakes of the opposing central and defenders and fullbacks.

- Ultimately, we scored four goals, but conceded three. Did a large number of substitutions in the second half cause it?
- It’s due to a number of factors. At a general meeting with the coaching staff, we will analyse it all. It’s good that we claimed a win. It will allow us to continue our preparation in a good mood. Even though the match is friendly, it is still important to win in order to well prepare for the beginning of the European Championship, being in a good mood.

- How do you feel physically after the club season end?
- I’m not fully ready, because I have a minor injury. I need to fully recover. I feel fine, but I want to feel one hundred percent ready. So I still have time.

- You led the national team for the game against Romania with the captain’s armband on. Did the coach or the team select you?
- Our captains are Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and Ruslan Rotan. They didn’t appear in the starting line-up, so the coaching staff appointed me.

- Did you feel an extra responsibility in this regard?
- The team captain assists the coaching staff. He should be a role model for everyone, he must be focused, he should unite all the players and control the situation on the field. Although I cannot say that I felt anything special. It's just a little strange. I always take to the pitch with maximum dedication, always having a serious attitude to the job.