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DUFL: lopsided win

Tuesday, May 31, 2016



On May 31, in the final round of DUFL group stage, Shakhtar U14 and U16 received Dnepr-80 from Cherkasy, while Shakhtar U17 and U15 played the same opponents away

On May 31, in the final round of DUFL group stage, Shakhtar U14 and U16 received Dnepr-80 from Cherkasy, while Shakhtar U17 and U15 played the same opponents away.

Shakhtar Donetsk U14  8-1 (4-1)  Dnepr-80 U14

Goals: Gladkovsky (3), Savchenko (12), Gladkovsky (15), Shysh (24), Abdullayev (35), Tkachenko (38), Savchenko (41), Abdullayev (49)

Shakhtar U14: Chekotun, Golovanov, Shysh (Kondratenko, 31), Fursenko, Zaitsev (Alizadeh, 31), Kobzar (Tkachenko, 31), Maslov (Potalov, 42), Savchenko, Svityukha (Kurtsev, 31), Plaksa, Gladkovskyi (Abdullayev, 31)

Head coach: Ihor Leonov
Coach: Andrii Zabolotnyi

The encounter was commented on by Shakhtar U14 coach Andrii Zabolotnyi:

- We have reached the competition finals in advance, so the match had no competitive value. We allowed the leaders to have some rest and provided an opportunity to play to those guys who had not had so much practice. By the way, they proved themselves very well, despite the sultry weather. They had control of the ball, created many chances, could score more, but did not convert all of their chances.

Shakhtar Donetsk U16  9-0 (5-0)  Dnepr-80 U16

Goals: Bilokur (3), Drozdov (9), Prybluda (12), Drozdov (17), Leskov (24), Chmyrev (65), Vyachisty (69) Lytovchenko (73), Leskov (75)

Shakhtar U16: Rumyantsev (Gursky, 41), Koryakin, Bilokur (Nazarenko, 26), Vederskyi, Katerusha (Chmyrev, 41), Shushko, Tsekalo (Prokopchuk, 41), Leskov, Prybluda (Vyachystyi, 41), Golovkin ( Litovchenko, 41), Drozdov (Apanchuk, 41)

Head coach: Gennadiy Zubov
Coach: Oleksandr Alimov

- We fully controlled the game, with the opponent causing us next to no resistance, - commented on the match the head coach of Shakhtar U16 Gennadiy Zubov. - Therefore, we had an opportunity to orchestrate some moves. In the course of the match, we gave the boys tasks, so that they wouldn’t play it using just one or two touches. We can say that we had a training test. Nevertheless, we had to win. Ahead, we are facing meetings with the stronger opponents, it is important for us to prepare well for them.

Dnepr-80 Cherkasy U15 0-5 (0-2) Shakhtar Donetsk U15

Goals: Sidorov (14), Dyakov (16) Sidorov (42), Dyakov (66), Kutsenko (70)

Shakhtar U15: Karavashchenko, Aussie (Kharchenko, 36), Chyzh, Yalosovetsky, Pelipak, Kutsenko, Kabrel, Zorilo, Biblik (Kopytikov, 36), Sidorov, Dyakov

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra

- We prepared the team for a serious game, - said the head coach of Shakhtar U15 Oleksandr Ladeyko. - The opponents parked the bus from the opening minutes, while we focused on flank attacks. We failed co convert everything because the pitch qulity was not that good. However, we fought with a good mood, now focusing on the play-offs.

Dnepr-80 Cherkasy U17 1-10 (0-3) Shakhtar Donetsk U17

Goals for Shakhtar: Mate (7, pen.), Kashchuk (13), Sobolevski (19), Kashchuk (41) Vakulenko (43), Koval (51), Gaivan (62), Gaivan (63), Losev (67), Andrushchenko (73)

Shakhtar U17: Hmelovsky (Kucherenko, 60), Losev, Mate, Shtepin, Pavlish (Koval, 46), Sobolevskyi, Kuzmenko (Bodnaruk, 46), Gaivan, Vakulenko, Kashchuk (Serdyuk, 46), Andrushchenko

Head coach: Valeriy Rudakov
Coach: Oleksandr Koval

Head coach of Shakhtar U17 Valeriy Rudakov speaks of the match:

- Despite the poor quality of the field, we claimed a lopsided win. We scored early goals, not experiencing any particular issues. An unpleasant about it was conceding a goal after a counterattack. In general, our boys showed a pretty good conversion rate, so we will now prepare for the play-offs.

Thus, Shakhtar U14 made it to the competition finals from the first place in the group. The fate of the rest of the teams will be decided in the coming matches.