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Boriachuk brings Ukraine victory

Friday, November 11, 2016



On November 11, Ukraine U21 entertained their Belarus counterparts in Poltava

Head coach of the Blue-and-Yellows Oleksandr Holovko fielded three Pitmen in the opening minutes: defenders Mykola Matviienko and Ihor Kiryukhantsev, as well as striker Andrii Boriachuk. Ukraine U21 mentor deployed the latter as a second striker.

Throughout the first half, the hosts had a tangible edge which they converted into a goal on 39 minutes. It was netted by Andrii Boriachuk, who finished off a Pavlo Orikhovskyi cross at the far post. The Ukrainians developed most of their attacking moves through the right wing guarded by Ihor Kiryukhantsev. But for the teammates’ lack of accuracy, his two crosses might have well been effective.

After the break, Shakhtar midfielder Danylo Ihnatenko was fielded for Ukraine U21. At the same time, they replaced Andrii Boriachuk, with Ihor Kiryukhantsev also leaving the pitch on 58 minutes. In the second half, the game got level and turned into an end-to-end action. The hosts had a few scoring chances, but the referee’s final whistle marked a narrow 1-0 win.