Butko: The main thing is our win

Sunday, November 13, 2016



The defender of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team speaks on the recent game аgainst the Finns

- The second half turned tough. We made some mistakes to be corrected. But the main thing today is our win. This is a plus in terms of the further competition. It’s good that we’ve added another positive result this year.

- What was Andriy Shevchenko talking about before the encounter?
- The coach tasked us with playing low some fast football. In the first half the field was better, getting swampy in the second though. For that reason, it was harder to play a passing game as the ball was jumping and changing direction. Plus the Finns started launching all-out attacks, so we had to act in the way to keep the score.

- Did Ukraine allow the opponents to attack in the second half?
- Yes, most likely we ourselves allowed the Finns to charge forward. There is a certain trend: for the fourth game in a row, we start getting flat by about 60-65 minutes and operating more defensively. But the coaching staff will point out our mistakes. I wouldn’t say we play poorly: we had a good first half, creating chances. Basically, we also had some in the second half, but made defensive errors. I think they are fixable. It is necessary to correct them and to play even better, because the farther we go, the tougher it gets.