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Azevedo: Atmosphere will be great in Kharkiv

Monday, November 14, 2016



During an open training session, Shakhtar defender Marcio Azevedo answered the reporters’ questions

- How do you like the weather? Cold?
- Yes, it's true – it’s actually really cold today. Despite the fact that I’ve been long enough in Ukraine, I still find it hard to get used to this kind of weather.

- How is going your preparation for the match against Karpaty? What does Paulo Fonseca draw your attention to?
- We are expecting a very difficult game. We know that the meeting will be held in Kharkiv, where, hopefully, a great many fans will arrive to support us. So it will be an important meeting for Shakhtar.

- The injuries thatwere haunting you recently are over and done with. Did you sort out why they have occurred?
- It’s very bad when you don’t play for so long. But now, thank God, I have fully recovered, being ready to help the coach and the team. As to the reasons, it’s a simple coincidence. It’s difficult to predict where and when you’ll get injured. That’s football.

- When can we expect your appearance on the pitch?
- I'm fully ready. Now it all depends on the coach.

- You joined Shakhtar together with Ismaily. How do you find his progress lately?
- I always say that Ismaily is a good player. Shakhtar has a great wingback, and this is great news.

- Did you watch Ukraine’s game against the Finns?
- Yes, I watched the game and I want to congratulate the Ukrainians on the win.

- Is the team progressing with Andriy Shevchenko at the helm?
- I think so. Honestly, I do not follow Ukraine’s performance closely, but judging by the results, the team are really progressing under the new coach.

- Meeting with Karpaty will take place in Kharkiv. What will you be thinking when taking to the pitch at the Metalist stadium?
- The Kharkiv team will always remain in my heart and in the hearts of all the Brazilians who have played for the club. Hopefully, the stands will be filled to capacity. I'm sure the atmosphere will be great.