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Shevchenko: We don’t expect a walk in the park

Monday, November 14, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeper Mykyta Shevchenko spoke about the preparation for the match against Karpaty at the Pitmen’s open training session

- Do weather conditions affect the training process?
- Of course, they cause some adjustments. But we are training normally, adapting to any conditions.

- How important is the encounter with Karpaty for you personally and for the team as a whole?
- We don’t expect a walk in the park. I think everyone remembers the meeting in the first half of the season in Lviv, and  how hard it was for us to win it. This time we are playing in Kharkiv, where, hopefully, there will be many fans in the stadium. In the game against Dynamo we enjoyed excellent support, so we look forward to it now.

- You are going through a tough period in your career, given the small amount of playing time ...
- You seem to understand what kind of competitor I have. That said, working by Andriy Pyatov’s side allows me to progress and gain experience. That’s how things are so far. In any case, I will continue training. It’s only up to the head coach to decide how much playing time should be given and to whom.

- What’s your impression of the game between Ukraine and Finland?
- Of course, I watched the game and rooted for the lads. Most importantly, they achieved a good result. And the game itself, I think, will be analysed by Andriy Shevchenko, he will point out the errors and prompt the guys how to correct them. Besides, there is no such thing as a perfect game. In general, they played well taking into account the end of the year. And in spring, the team will be fighting for the World Cup berth with renewed strength.

- Have you fully recovered from injury, being ready to play?
- Yes, I have. I train just like everybody else, no problems at all.

- Over this period, have you received any new knowledge from the Portuguese goalkeeping coach?
- Of course, I’ve come across some new things. I try to focus on those details for the future. In general, I like training with Antonio Ferreira. These days, football is not static, and the goalkeeper should use well not just his hands, but also his feet. So I am working hard on every component.