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SCM’s 16th anniversary

Tuesday, November 15, 2016



On November 15, FC Shakhtar’s general sponsor marks 16 years of operation

System Capital Management is Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial group and one of the largest holding companies in Europe, comprising about 100 businesses employing over 300 thousand people. The company largely contributes to the development of the domestic economy, making every effort to make our country well represented on the world markets.

These days, the most important activity of SCM – carried out jointly with the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre – is aiding the residents of the areas affected by hostilities. The long-term partnership between FC Shakhtar and SCM has long been an example of efficiency, professionalism and responsibility. We are united by a continuous striving for development, matching the highest international standards and conquering new heights.

We extend our greetings to the general sponsor and wish the SCM Group to remain the leader in the Ukrainian business sector, to successfully implement its plans and ideas, to achieve its goals time after time. And we wish every staff member of the company every success in all activities, prosperity, peace and welfare!

FC Shakhtar