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Ordets: We are expecting support in Kharkiv

Thursday, November 17, 2016



Shakhtar defender speaks ahead of the upcoming meeting against Karpaty

- Ivan, in the first half of the season, in the game against Lviv, Shakhtar was on the verge of losing points. How should you act to prevent that kind of situation on November 19?
- The team were just starting the season back then, not all the playing links were set up. We experienced some problems due to the change in formation, so not all the players fully understood our new style. I think this was the reason behind such a nervous match in the summer. Now the situation is different. We operate cohesively and understand what kind of performance the coaching staff expect. I think everything will be fine on Saturday and we will win for sure. Plus, the match will be held in Kharkiv, the whole team are counting on the support of the crowd. In the friendly game against Serbia, there was a great atmosphere in the stadium, even despite a fairly cold weather. I am sure that people will also come to the game against Karpaty, because many Shakhtar fans reside in Kharkiv. Particularly because the local fans are missing big football.

- After international duty, the Pitmen often have problems associated with different degrees of readiness of the players. How to avoid them?
- We are starting to scrutinise the opponents. I think Paulo Fonseca knows how to resolve this issue, he will prepare us for the meeting against Karpaty very seriously. We must give our all and prove ourselves. The opponents also have their ambitions. The guys appear and want to prove that they are no worse than the league leaders, being ready to fight with us, Dynamo and Zorya. Therefore, on November 19, we should demonstrate the football Shakhtar are able to play, keep a clean sheet and, of course, win it.