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Dulub: Dressing-room silence like after Champions League final

Saturday, November 19, 2016



Karpaty coach commented on the encounter with the Pitmen

- Quite a difficult match. We had to be defending throughout the entire half against, probably, the best Ukrainian team at the moment. And one of the best European sides, because what we have seen in the Europa League and the Champions League, is pretty impressive. Of course, we really wanted to claim at least one point based on our today’s performance.

- The team’s actions were largely good, congratulations on that, regardless of the outcome. But what didn’t you like?
- The outcome. In general, I didn’t like the fact that we failed to counterattack in the opening twenty minutes. But little by little, through pace, we did it. In the match against Shakhtar, which is important.

- Did you review the episode with the unruled goal?
- No, I didn’t. I did not see it, but will surely watch the replay from several cameras.

- What enabled Shakhtar to snatch the win?
- I think, their experience did. Shakhtar have more experienced and skilled players. Just two different teams: the experienced vs. the one gaining experience.

- You have been working in the Ukrainian League for a month and a half or so. Have you felt its difference from the Belarus one, where you also encountered various opponents?
- The main problem - I need to feel how strong my team are in comparison with the competitors. Given that we had just five games, of course, I have not felt that yet. But there are meetings with Dynamo and Shakhtar, especially today’s one ... I just see that the guys are progressing. The young ones move forward and gain experience. Now the dressing room is silent: it feels as if we lost the Champions League final. In general, to have a general idea about the Ukrainian League, we need to meet with everyone. To try that in comparison with our team to understand exactly how to build our play against some specific opponents.

- Roman Pidkivka did very well today. Can we call him Karpaty’s Man of the Match?
- I think so. He needed inspiration and getting into the zone, and today he seems to have experienced it.