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Fonseca: We'll have to fight against everyone

Saturday, November 19, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after the game in Kharkiv

- A tough game against a very well-organized team in defensive terms. Karpaty launched their attacks with quality. In the first half we made a few inaccurate passes, suffering the consequences. Nevertheless, we might leave for the break as the leading side. Unfortunately, this did not happen. We were quite different in the second half, spending it in the opponents' half of the pitch, near the box and the target. We created a lot of scoring chances. The Karpaty goalkeeper did a great job today, but we still managed to score goals. Although we might score even more.

- Do you have any information regarding Stepanenko’s injury?
- Taras has issues with his back. Of course, we will evaluate how complicated the situation is, but he could not continue playing.

- You have had two games against Karpaty. Have the team changed under their new coach?
- I think their standing does not correspond to the opponents’ qualities. This is one of the league’s great clubs. Talking about the two legs, it is clear that Karpaty were playing slightly differently this time, more defensively deploying five defenders. But they were equally dangerous when making transitions to attack.

- Do you see any progress by Karpaty? Or they remain at the same level?
- I find it hard to draw any comparisons at the moment. Those are two completely different coaches. I can say for sure that those two games have been very difficult for us.

- In the first half, you were quite emotional over something with the referee ...
- To tell you the truth, I try hard to almost never talk about refereeing. At the same time, I must say that I am not a fool, and it’s not my first day in football. I perfectly understood what was going on here today. Just as, basically, in other matches. Awarding a penalty against Shakhtar is so easy. Unfortunately, I do not see this in other matches, with genuine penalty situations, but no one pointing to the spot. As I’ve noticed, it is also very easy to show yellow cards to Shakhtar players. We’ve lost three players for the next league game. There were so many situations when they just fouled to prevent us from attackng – not in our favour at all. In the second half, there was an unnoticed penalty case in our favour in the absolutely identical situation. I have perfectly realised what is happening here. We all can feel that we will have to fight always and against everyone. The only thing I am asking you about is this: do not make a fool of me, because I am not like that at all.

- You had your second match in Kharkiv. How do you like today’s reception? Do you plan to play here again this league season?
- The atmosphere here is just fantastic for Shakhtar. When we play in Kharkiv, we can really feel our fans. This victory is also dedicated to all those who have come to support us today. Of course, we hope to come back here and have more games to get closer to our fans.

- Congratulations on your well-deserved win! After the second goal, the Pitmen really focused on their defensive performance, although they were dominating. Is this due to fatigue or the necessary to keep the score at all costs?
- Sorry, but I do not quite agree with your analysis. You can see how many more scoring chances followed the second goal. Both teams took risks, Karpaty too. So sorry, but I disagree.