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Guess the Score: win Dentinho’s shirt

Tuesday, November 1, 2016



FC Shakhtar has prepared a gift for those who like to make predictions and want to try their luck

The fans who take part in the Guess the Score contest in November and December, will have a chance to win the top prize - Dentinho’s shirt. Right now, you can leave your prediction for the Europa League game Gent vs Shakhtar.

Meanwhile, we have the contest winners for September and October.

The top spot went to Maryan Vytvytskyi. The best result among all the participants brought him a Shakhtar jersey autographed by Yevhen Seleznov.

A branded Nike shirt goes to Andrii Obraztsov, who won the second spot. The prize for claiming the third spot – a football – goes to Andrii Pomazan. Those to have claimed the 4th and 5th spots – Vladyslav Zasypka and Serhiy Korolyov  - will receive fan scarves.

Shortly, the contest organizers will contact the winners using the phone number or email address provided during registration.