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Dentinho: We always have motivation

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



The Shakhtar midfielder – with Fred and Bernard attending to listen to him – shared with journalists his expectations of the upcoming match

- What should you be most cautious about in the game against Konyaspor?
- Good evening. First of all, I would like to thank my teammates for attending this press conference. As for the upcoming encouter, it will be difficult for us. Konyaspor have a strong and skilled team. So tomorrow we need to take the field being fully prepared and willing just one thing – to win it.

- With just a few games left this year, let’s sum it up in some regards. How has Shakhtar changed with the arrival of Paulo Fonseca?
- The head coach has brought a great deal of new stuff. The team performance speaks for itself: we have been topping the Ukrainian League, also leading in our Europa League group. As everyone has perfectly noticed, our playing style has changed, especially that of our wingers. Now everything is different. At the moment, the main thing for us is to win every game and claim the top spots everywhere. Speaking about myself, currently I have more opportunities to appear on the field, so I would like to particularly thank Paulo Fonseca for that.

- In four Europa League group stage games, the Pitmen have claimed four wins. Have you got any motivation left for the remaining two matches?
- We always have motivation. This is one of the features of our team. No matter what kind of game we have, regardless of the competition we take part in, Shakhtar always take to the pitch being fully motivated and willing to win.

- Is it easier or harder when you know that your team have qualified for the next stage?
- Of course, it’s easier. But we still need to win, to be focused on our play. We must want to win and will try to claim it tomorrow.

- If Bernard and Fred were journalists, what would they ask their teammate about?
- They would ask me why I am so handsome! (laughing)