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Fonseca: Rotation is possible tomorrow

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach ahead of the game vs Konyaspor

- Based on the fact that Shakhtar have secured the top spot in the group, can we expect to see tomorrow the players who have had less match practice?
- Good evening. Of course, the secured top position allows us to have some rotation, which I will do. Of course, I will give a few players – those who haven’t featured in the Europa League that much – the opportunity to take part in this competition. However, tomorrow we will see some spectacular football without lacking any ambition.

- Is Taras Stepanenko currently available?
- Of course, I can’t tell you everything. You will see tomorrow. Taras is now here with us, he will be training. We will see.

- Paolo, why did you bring to the press conference your support group represented by Bernard and Fred?
- I know this is not quite ordinary a situation. But, as far as Dentinho is a super expert in press conferences, they have decided to come and have a look at him, and maybe learn something from him.

- You have mention the possible rotation. But still: has Stepanenko recovered? Or you just do not want to say whether he will be able to play? is he healthy and ready to play?
- He is almost fine. I can’t say that Taras is available for one hundred percent, but he is training with us tonight. And if tomorrow I decide that Stepanenko should play, you will see him on the pitch.

- Is Azevedo preparing for the match?
- You all know very well that Marcio was missing for quite a while. He has been rediscovering his form, training with us. But I can say for sure: the time has not yet come for him to appear tomorrow. He still needs some more time.

- How much have Konyaspor changed compared to the first leg?
- Despite our victory in Turkey, we experienced some issues with this team. They have just perfect defensive organisation. I also want to note that the opponents are strong on the counter. Taking into account what I've seen, Konyaspor step it up with every game and will meet with us after two Turkish league wins. We will take the field with just one desire – to win. And we respect the opponents, knowing that it will not be easy.

- Will we see any experiments tomorrow? Maybe a new formation or some new set play?
- No, I think you will not see any difference. Perhaps there will be some players who are not so often fielded in this competition. But our ideas will not change in any away. All these months, our style has remained the same, with the team not getting less ambitious, and tomorrow will be the same.