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Kocaman: We might have just one-percent chance of winning

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



Konyaspor coach spoke about the preparation for the game vs Shakhtar

- The upcoming meeting is crucial for us. In case of winning it, we will continue competing for the next round berth. If we lose it, we are losing our every chance. I must say that Konyaspor got a very difficult group. Tomorrow we are to lock horns with one of the strongest teams in this competition. Therefore, we are expecting a tough encounter with the strong and disciplined opponents. Shakhtar feature great performance this season, successfully operating in each segment of ​​the field. It will be a tough test for us. We will try to showcase some great performance and give our all to win it. It’s true that we might have just one-percent chance of winning,but we will try to use it.

- If twenty minutes from time, the score still remains even, will you take risks to achieve victory?
- The match may develop in different ways, but in any case we will try to charge forward to win it.

- Are all the players healthy and able to take to the pitch?
- The defender Jagos Vukovic and midfielder Jens Jonsson are injured. Nejc Skubic won’t be able to help us due to suspension. Nevertheless, those playing tomorrow will be able to fully replace these guys.

- Shakhtar have completed their standing task and, they might field not quite their main team. Will it be easier for you to challenge such opponents?
- We can’t say this so unequivocally before the game. In football, just like in life, anything can happen. The scenario may be different. No matter what squad the opponents field. I do not rule out the possibility that the players who rarely appear on the field, will come out being more motivated. They would want to prove themselves, and perhaps cause us more problems. In any case, we need to watch our play, trying to deploy strengths.

Paulo Fonseca spoke well about Konyaspor performance in the last two matches. Are you happy with the team level and does it allow you to expect them to win?
- Not in this case. There is a huge difference between the Europa League and the Turkish league. The level that we are showing now, may well be sufficient for our successful performance domestically, but it is not enough to win in European competitions. The recent Europa League games clearly show that, and we need to work very hard to achieve a better result in this tournament. Also, Konyaspor players lack the experience of international games, with Shakhtar and our other opponents having it. I think we need to play at least 20-30 games at this level to compete successfully. So it takes a miracle tomorrow for my players to celebrate the victory.

- May you team’s performance be affected by the cold weather?
- No. There is approximately the same temperature now in Konya, I do not see any problems with this.