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Kocaman: Too big a difference in class

Thursday, November 24, 2016



After the match, Konyaspor coach tried to explain the reason behind the failure

- One thing is clear: the difference in class between our teams is far too big. As I said yesterday, situations may be different, but the miracle has not happened today. In the first half, we made two major mistakes, which were decisive for the game. Then it got quite easy for Shakhtar, and they easily scored two more goals in the second half. As for us, our performance in the second half of the meeting was worse, because didn’t particularly believe in our success any more. Although in general, we succeeded in the opening stages.

- In Konya, it was hard for Shakhtar to win, but here the Pitmen have claimed a major win. Why is that?
- Largely because our chance of continuing to compete in the Europa League before this match was slim. That said, it is worth mentioning Shakhtar players. Just as we had predicted, the opponents fielded some new players who performed briskly.

- How will this defeat affect your Turkish league situation?
- Hard to tell. But the players are unlikely to easily overcome this defeat - both physically and mentally.

- Why have you picked just this line-up for the match?
- This is my decision, and I think it is correct.