Mykhailenko: We had our strongest line-up

Sunday, November 27, 2016



Dnipro mentor answered the questions from reporters

- It must be noted that the goal byShakhtar did not result from some creative attacking performance, but rather a sad error of your defenders. Why don’t you field Cheberyachko so far, who could strengthen the defence with his experience?
- You are right, the goals were scored after our errors. But the team must be forced to make mistakes. After losing the ball, the opponents try to win it back, with our defenders experiencing immense pressure, because the game was happening near our goal all the time. While the first goal was the result of Rakitskyy’s great pass, the second one was personal  error of our player, who tried to keep the ball in the penalty area and just lost it. Now regarding the second part of your question about Cheberyachko. It currently seems to us that Svatok and Lopyrionok operate more fluidly than Svatok with Yevhen. We had some good games against Vorskla and some other opponents, when we were happy with the duo’s performance.

- While preparing for the match, did you have any other options for the starting XI, or you belong to the category of coaches who do not change the winning line-up?
- No, I do not belong to such mentors. We have a group of defence players – the four players we can change. For instance, to field Luchkevych on the right wing, with Adamyuk not playing then. But in that case we drop much deeper and face issues with our set play. Adamyuk wins numerous balls using his head. There is an option to field Polyovyi instead of Vlad. And we do not want to change our central defenders yet. That is, we are not flexible enough defensively. In midfield we have three experienced players, no one can compete with them. While offensively, we use different combinations. Yesterday, our attacking trident played for U21 team, appearing from the sixth to the fourteenth matchday. We know our attacking  issues: young age and lack of experience. In my opinion, we fielded our strongest line-up to date. Then we will see: we still have three more games, maybe someone will manage to step it up.