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Pyatov outstripped Tymoshchuk

Monday, November 28, 2016



The match against Dnipro was Andriy Pyatov’s 327th appearance for the Pitmen

With this result, Shakhtar goalkeeper has joined the club’s top 10 players in terms of the number of appearances made. In the overall standings, Pyatov has outperformed Anatoliy Tymoshchuk with 326 apps under his belt.

It took ten years for the Shakhtar goalkeeper to achieve this milestone. Over this period of time, Andriy has made 196 appearances in the Ukrainian league, 29 in the Ukrainian Cup and 5 in the domestic Super Cup. In European competitions, Pyatov appeared on 97 occasions.

Thus, there are three goalkeepers among the team’s most frequently fielded players. Shakhtar defender and captain Darijo Srna is topping the list with 511 appearances.

Shakhtar’s top 10 players with the most appearances

  Player Appearances
1. Darijo Srna 511
2. Mikhail Sokolovskiy 485
3. Sergei Yaschenko 444
4. Yuriy Degterev 379
5. Dmitriy Shutkov 347
6. Valeriy Rudakov 341
7. Valeriy Yaryomchenko 337
8. Viktor Grachov 334
9. Igor Petrov 332
10. Andriy Pyatov 327