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Vanhaezebrouck: We have enough work to do

Friday, November 4, 2016



Post-match press conference by Gent coach

- Today our objective was creating multiple chances, because in recent games we have had few chances in front of the opposing goal. I want to congratulate my guys on making numerous attempts. I also want to point out that when the team manage to score three goals in the course of the game, they have a chance to win. In our case, this did not happen. Nevertheless, I believe our players did a great job.

- Why Rinne was between the sticks?
- The decision about one goalie appearing today and the other one appearing on Sunday was made in advance.

- Probably, Rinne will have a bad night's sleep after that.
- I would not say so. We need to focus on the chances we created today, and the goals we scored. Of course, there is work to do. I hope, we will correct our mistakes and showcase better football game.

- On Sunday, you will field another goalie, but how will this one feel about it? How will he deal with that?
- How can I know that? Our work lies precisely in the fact that we continuously raise our players’ spirits.

- Your next two games are really crucial for you...
- Today, we wanted to earn at least one point. There was a chance. At the beginning of the match, we operated very well, with no suspicion that everything would eventually turn out so bad. In the first half, we created a few chances. In general, we might achieve something in those two legs, but that requires working well on all levels. We can’t talk about that yet.

- Did you see the pace and acceleration of Shakhtar players. Does it make you think more?
- No, it doesn’t at all, because very few teams in Belgium can run that fast. This is mainly due to natural talent. There is no single Belgian athlete who can run faster than the Americans do. The Brazilians are just fast guys. However, this does not justify today's outcome. We made the opponents play in their half for too long. Then we gave them the opportunity to come back, which was our mistake.

- How can you explain such a bad sliding tackle by Gershon?
- I can’t answer that question, but I am posing it to myself, just as 19 thousand fans in the stadium did.

- Could you compare your league with the Ukrainian one? Our players here mention the superiority of the Belgian one.
- The general level is higher in Belgium. We just have more teams playing to higher standards. In Ukraine, there are Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv, meanwhile there are some other teams who play poorly enough. If we were playing in the Ukrainian league, the balance would have been as follows: Shakhtar, Dynamo, then Gent, and then all the others... With five more Belgian sides in between them. That's if they played in Ukraine.

- You charmed the entire Ukrainian press with your being the lookalike of one of the Lord of the Rings characters.
- I am really delighted at this comparison. The matter is that the guy is twenty-five. While I’m fifty-two! So you flatter me. Thank you.