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Pyatov: We know Oleksandriya well

Saturday, November 5, 2016



The goalkeeper of Shakhtar spoke about the preparation for the game vs Oleksandriya

- Andriy, last night the team just returned to Ukraine, and today you are facing another flight to Oleksandriya. How do you find the strength to play and win?
- Of course, it is very difficult to work like that. We try to recover, with the coaching staff reshuffling the line-up and giving every player the opportunity to have some rest. But believe me, playing is better than training, especially when you get used to this kind of schedule. Yes, in the recent few weeks we had many games, but I would say that we have sufficient strength and motivation. Look at the team’s performance. We all really want to be the champions, raise the Ukrainian Cup and to advance in the Europa League as far as possible.

- Just recently, Shakhtar beat Oleksandriya in the Ukrainian Cup. What kind of game do you expect in the league?
- Oleksandriya are a strong team with a good selection of players and a strong coach. In Lviv, the encounter with them turned out to be tough. I think, it will be even harder for us away. Firstly, Oleksandriya will play in front of their fans, and secondly, the pitch at their stadium is heavier than that at the Arena Lviv. But we already know well enough the strengths and weaknesses of each other, so no one should expect any surprises. We must focus on our actions and achieve a positive result no matter what.