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Dentinho: I want to win with Shakhtar

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder shared his impressions after signing a new contract

- Dentinho, congratulations on signing the deal. What do you feel at the moment?
- I am very happy that they have extended my contract, also being delighted at the fact that I will continue my spell at Shakhtar for as many as five more years. I would like to thank the president, all the players, the coaching staff and, of course, my family for their support. I am sure that those will be five happy years with numerous trophies and goal galore.

- What is the most memorable moment for you over the time you have spent at Shakhtar?
- The most memorable one is scoring a goal against Dynamo this year. That’s a special emotional experience for me! I just love Shakhtar. I like it here. Every day, I improve my performance and I will be giving my all to the game and the team. I feel the coach’s trust and believe that we will be the champions!

- What objectives do you set for yourself and what would you like to achieve with the Pitmen during the following five years?
- Now my dream and goal is winning every game with Shakhtar, becoming the best team, raising the Europa League cup, returning to the Champions League next year. This is very important for the club. To make the fans happy through our performance and, of course, to score as many goals as possible!