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Fonseca: It was difficult to find space

Saturday, October 15, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after the game against Olimpik

- It was a tough game against the team who defended well. We had some difficulty finding space to score. Plus, the field is not in the best condition, which complicated our performance. Nevertheless, Shakhtar created more chances. And at 1-0, we mustn’t have given one away. In general, again, the opponents defended quite well. Therefore, the match was challenging.

- Are you happy with the internationals’ performance?
- I am happy with all the players. I can’t say anything bad about my guys: they fought and did everything to win.

- What do you make of the city, the stadium and the fans?
- Today, we’ve enjoyed a great atmosphere here. There were many people. We, as professionals, like it when the stadiums are filled to capacity. Clearly, they were supporting Olimpik more, which is absolutely normal, because this is our away game. In general, everything’s fine. Only minor changes should be applied to the pitch: the grass is somewhat long and the pitch is a bit uneven.

- Darijo Srna showcased next to nothing on the right wing. How can you explain that?
- I do not think so. Darijo tried really hard, just like the rest of players. Again, it is very difficult to play the team who literally defend deploying all their players. We could not find any space for scoring. Just like about all our guys, I can’t say anything bad about Darijo with regard to today’s game.

- Yevhen Seleznov gets a lot of playing time. Could you assess his today’s performance?
- I want to repeat it: I’m absolutely happy with everyone, including the substitution players. Seleznov had two or three opportunities. He tried his utmost. Unfortunately, it did not work.

- How are Kanibolotskyi and Rakitskyy? Shevchuk was missing...
- We will see. Currently, the guys have been going through the closing recovery stage. We hope to see them on the pitch soon.