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Fonseca: All the goals were great

Thursday, October 20, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after the match against Gent

- Hello! Excellent encounter and our victory. We’ve met with a strong team, who beat the Belgian league leaders 3-0 this weekend. I believe that tactic wise, we’ve been almost perfect today. We turned in a great performance. The opener really helped us. We tried to dispossess them just as Gent launched their attacks, and it worked. After the first goal, we got more space in front, so we could use it to score on. I think the key to our winning success today was our defensive performance – we did it well.

- Congrats on the win. I would like to know more about Viktor Kovalenko’s current condition, who was replaced in the first half by Dentinho.
- It’s too early to say anything. The match has just ended, so we do not have any specific information on his condition yet. Tomorrow we will have certain tests made and will be able to answer this question.

- We saw a great game and Shakhtar’s brilliant win. Besides, today is the referee’s birthday. Did you wish him anything?
- To be honest, I didn’t even know about that. But if so, taking advantage of the occasion, I can wish him a very happy birthday on behalf of Shakhtar. And not just that. Sometimes, after the game, we are only talking about our teams, but it is also important to remember the refereeing. Today, it’s been up to the mark – my congrats to the ref on it too.

- The win came easy enough, with a major score. But you are facing another game vs Gent away. Won’t the players get complacent after this kind of outcome?
- They just can’t get complacent. It is clear that they now need to forget today's match. We've got a very difficult league game ahead – we must focus on it alone. In no case will I let the players get slack in any way.

- After yesterday's press conference, we have seen that you love spectacular things. Today we have seen five different goals scored. Which, according to you, is the most spectacular?
- I think that all the goals were great. I find it difficult to decide which one is better, because netting one just always looks spectacular to me.

- Perhaps the stunner by Maksym Malyshev?
- I can see that you fell in love with Malyshev. Yesterday, I was just joking, to make Max – who was nervous – feel a bit more relaxed. Yes, I can say this: the goal by Malyshev was beautiful.

- It seems that the opponents’ formation featuring three defenders in this match did not cause you any issues.
- I will continue saying the stuff I said before the meeting. The formation is just different. We are not used to it. But I can say for sure: Gent’s coach has mastered this formation really well. But today, perhaps, we just better learnt the opponents, since we managed to claim this kind of win. However, I still believe that this formation is difficult. The difference is not only in the three defenders. It affects the whole game, influencing the team’s attacking processes and dynamics. So let's not talk too much about it.