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Fonseca: We are on the right track

Sunday, October 23, 2016



Head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the encounter in Kropyvnytskyi

- Excellent win over a good team, who have lost only to Dynamo in the recent games, with the same Dynamo being the only side managing to score against them. Zirka were very well organised, and we felt it. But today we’ve been stronger. We scored three goals, although we could score more. I think the result is fully deserved.

- Shakhtar had a great many unconverted chances. Aren’t you concerned with so many wasted offensive chances?
- I would have been upset if we hadn’t won today. I am always very happy when the team create scoring chances. We managed to convert three of them, although we had the opportunity to score more. I would have been concerned if we hadn’t had those chances at all, but I’m really happy with the match.

- Is the appearance of Boriachuk in the starting line-up a part of your reshuffling or the scheduled preparation of the young forward for the future?
- We put a lot of effort into Boriachuk and expect some great results from him. At the same time, it is clear that Shakhtar had their previous game just two days ago. We needed some replacements to let the physically exhausted guys have some rest. Andrii was on the list of those who replaced them.

- Dynamo drew with Oleksandriya. Many people stress the fact that Shakhtar are significantly ahead of Kyiv. Although there is also Zorya there. How dangerous for you is talking about your virtually being the champions?
- I think, no one is the champion at this stage. Clearly, we are happy. We are pleased that we are topping the table. But we should not forget that we are facing a great many important games against some good sides ahead: there is still a lot of important matches against good teams. We need to be watchful. We are on the right track. We hope to follow it.