Fonseca: Main objective is winning

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after making it to the Cup quarter-finals

- Our today's victory is well-deserved. We decided to make some changes in the line-up, giving an opportunity for the young footballers to play. I think in the first half, the team showed themselves quite well, creating several clearcut scoring chances, but they managed to convert only one. In the second half, we performed a bit worse. They lacked the desired intensity, with the opponents forcing us to drop deep through their counterattacks. That is why the second half, in my opinion, was a bit worse than the first one. However, once again, our win is fully deserved.

- Kanibolotskyi, Matviienko, Tankovskyi and Boriachuk rarely appear in the starting line-up. Who is closest to the starting XI based on today’s performance, and who disappointed you?
- My decision today is largely dependent on a great number of games that Shakhtar have played recently. Basically, those guys have earned the right to play. At the same time, I think it was my best decision - to give them that opportunity in today's match. I am pleased with all the players. It’s not been Boriachuk’s first time in the starting line-up – he turned in a great performance in the previous game. After the first half, Andrii felt minor pain in the calves, and we decided not to risk it. It is really important that the lads have shown that they are brave, and we can count on each of them.

- The match ended in a narrow win. Do you see any flaws in Shakhtar’s performance?
- If they score a goal against us like today, it is clear that the team made certain mistakes. We lost the ball in the zone where we shouldn’t have done it. Then we took two or three wrong decisions in a row – hence the result.

- Paulo, the Pitmen’s games in Lviv are attended by just few spectators. It’s far from being a full house. Are you disappointed by that fact?
- Look, at our European club cup matches, our stadium is literally packed. Today is a weekday, and it’s cold enough outdoors. Maybe people have just decided to stay at home. Moreover, this was a Cup game, not the league one. To be honest, both the players and I would like to see more people in the stands. Of course, when you see half-empty blocks, with no one in there, that’s not quite motivating. But we have to focus on our main goal – to win it.

- Until Saturday's meeting against Chornomorets, you will be staying in Lviv. How do you plan to brighten up your leisure time? Perhaps you want to learn more about the city and have a sightseeing tour?
- I think that we need to have some rest, given the number of matches. At the same time, we have scheduled training sessions. Even now, after the game, the guys who did not participate in today's match, keep training. We have another session scheduled for tomorrow. And we will rest this afternoon, with everyone spending it as they want.