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Sharan: We didn’t lose second half

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Mentor of Oleksandriya reflects on the game vs the Pitmen

- We did not expect the opponents to have that kind of line-up, as we were preparing for a different one. Still, those were Shakhtar players. We, in turn, in the first half, didn’t showcase the kind of football that everyone would like to watch. There was certain vanity and uncertainty of some guys. We made substitutions, one of which was a forced one, with Hytchenko getting injured. And after the break, we, basically, played decently. We didn’t lose the second half.

- What episode was the key one, according to you: the goal you conceded in the first half, or your 200 percent chance?
- Basically, yes, I can point out two episodes. As for the goal conceded, I would like us to take into account such moments, when you focus more on the opponents’ blistering counters and the through balls they can penetrate defence with. And, of course, if Yaremchuk had scored, no one knows how we would have played in the second half. Although, Shakhtar are Shakhtar – they would have strengthened themselves with substitutions. The opponents had more than enough chances. But, actually, those were two key episodes of the match.

- How serious is Hytchenko’s injury?
- I do not know. we will be able to determine that tomorrow.

- Why did you concede a goal so early and scored one so late?
- This is football. If I had known when we would score and concede goals, perhaps I would have played differently. Shakhtar also had their chances at 1-0, but we also could equalise before the break.

- In the episode with the first goal, when the referee awarded a free kick, you threw up your hands in frustration... you felt something bad or were dissatisfied with the referee’s decision?
- Of course, I felt it, because there are the guys to take those free kicks. I thought that Bernard would take a shot. But the free kick situation seemingly ended, with us conceding that goal... Although Novak played well having cleared the ball to the side, - the central defenders did not back him up.