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Kryventsov: We had a terrific match

Friday, October 28, 2016



The head coach of Shakhtar U21 reflects on the game vs Chornomorets

- In the previous games, our team showed a good quality of football, well, we have had just a terrific match today! We combined a lot, constantly looking for ways to make all kinds of threatening defence-splitting passes, and even losing the ball, we promptly won it back. At the same time, we forced the opponents to move around and lose strength, with us being fully in control of the game, preventing them from carrying out attacks. We won deservedly, managing to give the score a more lopsided look. I am glad that Adamenko and Arabidze scored. They continue topping the scorers list, which is also an indication of our right work.

- In the first half, the Odessans focused on defence, which was not so easy to penetrate. It seemed that Shakhtar’s second goal was decisive?
- Of course, the team who are losing 0-2, starts taking risks and launch attacks. In the second half, Chornomorets also tried to reverse the game, with us enjoying more open spaces, but we didn’t always use them skilfully. But even on the slow pitch today, the team created good chances, showcased combinational football and scored three goals. We are fully satisfied with our performance.

- In the next round, you are going to Oleksandriya, where it’s always tough. What are your expectations of the match?
- All the teams take the field against Shakhtar with double motivation, because every opposing player wants to show that he doesn’t play any worse, doing that with an exorbitant dedication. But we only benefit from that – additional difficulties just make our lads stronger and allow them to grow professionally. I am glad that the team have excellent internal environment, with great team spirit. I hope that in the future our players will also give their all to the game, fight for each other and, most importantly, they will be progressing.