Fonseca: We didn’t allow the opponents reach our goal

Saturday, October 29, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after defeating Chornomorets

- A good game on our part. We met with a good team, who have played defensively today. Almost all of the players of Chornomorets were in their half of the pitch. The team deployed five defenders, including three central ones. But we had enough patience to find gaps in the opponents’ actual defensive wall. We managed to break through their defence with our two goals. After that, the coach of Chornomorets decided to slightly change the game structure and the formation by removing one of the defenders, and we got more space. We created a sufficient number of chances to score even more goals, but, unfortunately, there were only two.

- Oleksandr Babich said that your team deserves the Europa League final. But today's second half showed that you have goal-scoring issues...
- I think, extending that problem is not that bad for us. Still, our team score the most goals in the league. I have said many times here in this room the following: I would have been upset if we hadn’t created any chances at all. As for the words of Chornomorets coach about the Europa League final, I want to thank him since I am very pleased to hear it. But, you know, it's very easy to talk like that when you're on the other side. When people say that as onlookers that it’s so easy to make it to the Europa League final - do not think so. This is not easy at all. I think you all understand that this is not easy. But okay, I'll take that as a challenge.

- The coach Babich really said that. Do you see yourself on the Europa League throne?
- I should not agree with that now. One must follow everything and be realistic. Saying something or asking for something – all that, in fact, is very easy to do. I also want to win some super lottery. Everyone knows that reaching a European club cup final is very difficult. People talk about that a lot in order to create some sense of responsibility in our team. It is clear that I should not come here and promise that to people. Promising you something would be literally impossible and unfair. Of course, we want to get as far as possible. But our major concerns are always built around our next match. Analyse the current Europa League teams, and tell me: is it easy to get there? I'll ask you even more: how many times have Shakhtar reached the final of that tournament? After analyzing it, we will immediately realize that getting there is not so easy. And I cannot promise you anything like that now. But what I can actually promise you is the fact that Shakhtar will have the ambition to win in every match.

- It seemed to be an easy game for you, with the opponents allowing you to play. However, when Chornomorets attacked, your players were breaking the rules for some reason...
- We won the most situations without fouls. Today, we just showed our football: we didn’t allow the opponents to reach our goal. In defensive terms, Shakhtar play very well, and today is no exception. Any opponents had more fouls than we did. And when we need to foul - we do it. This is not a problem.