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Fonseca: Absolutely deserved victory

Sunday, October 2, 2016



Head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the meeting with Zorya

- Difficult match against a good team, who defended well. But we’ve been much better today. We had five or six clear-cut chances, with the ball hitting the goalpost twice. We created a sufficient number of chances and almost did not give a chance for the occurrence of any danger near our goal. I consider it to be an absolutely deserved victory in the match, where we proved better.

- Why Seleznov didn’t get onto the squad list? Is everything fine with him?
- It’s strange that they always ask me about the players who haven’t been put on the list or do not play. Ask me a question, for example, about Wellington Nem, who is not on the list as well. It was my decision, and, as you can see, it turned out to be right. Everyone should understand this: we have a team of 25 men. For every match I can select 11 players, plus I can field three more. I think today's choice is quite all right.

- Yuriy Vernydub was very unhappy since they hadn’t allowed the loaned footballers play. Immediately after the match, you had quite an emotional conversation. Was there a phrase like they weren’t given a chance at Shakhtar in the past, and now they are developing here...
- I am surprised by certain things. I expected a questions regarding the players on loan. If I am not mistaken, the president of Zorya gave an interview on the matter this week. He said this: early this season, they passed a regulation that the players on loan cannot play against their club. He also expressed his dissatisfaction and said he did not quite agree with that. But I believe that if that kind of question should arise, this must happen in the beginning of the season. And then, why in other countries, such as England or Spain, basically, it is prohibited by law for the loaned players to appear? This is a very simple issue, a kind of protection for the players. Imagine that we would have had some Shakhtar players appear to play against us. For example, one of them would have earned a penalty or netted an own goal. What would people say about them? That’s exactly why that’s a special kind of protection for the players themselves. I believe that’s exactly why they have raised this issue in the world’s best leagues. And something else. With all due respect, the opponents’ coach said he would like to see Shakhtar without five men. I can also raise the same issue. What would Zorya currently be and what spot would they be sitting without our players? Clearly not the second one. I will tell you for sure: not a single loaned player would ever act against our team. For their own good and their own protection.

- It’s your first time in Zaporizhya. How do you like the stadium, the pitch turf and the support of the stands? Did you feel like the hosts of the match?
- Of course we did. When so many fans come to the stadium and support Shakhtar, we feel almost at home. The stadium is excellent. The turf condition is perfect. The atmosphere is unforgettable. Football should be just like that: with full stands and a good field. It does not involve just the players and the ball. Football also involves the stadium, the fans, the shared atmosphere. Of course, we are very happy with the support. We simply couldn’t be more satisfied than we’ve been today.

- Will you manage to have another home match at Slavutych-Arena?
- We’ll see. We really felt great here with our fans. If we have the opportunity, why not then? We can think about it. We really enjoyed it here.