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Vernydub: Good game, lively one

Sunday, October 2, 2016



Press conference of Zorya head coach after the match in Zaporizhya

- It won’t be a long comment. Good game, lively one! It’s true that Shakhtar looked more decent. But when there are minus five men on the squad and that kind of changes... Although the other guys also looked decent. Yes, we conceded one and lost it 0-1. I was just wondering to watch the match with those five men on the field. Then we would have seen. But now, what to comment on? Congratulations to the Pitmen on their win. They are moving towards the league title, and I think they will claim it. With us competing for a spot as high as possible.

- What’s the reason behind Hordienko’s substitution?
- His injury. Gordienko got hit in the calf muscle, feeling pain then. At least he could not play, so we made a replacement.

- What are your plans for the break?
- We will give the guys three days of rest, and then we will start training. On October 9, we will play against Oleksandriya in Zaporizhya, then getting prepared for our last game in the first half of the league season against Volyn. Then we we are facing a game in Rotterdam against Feyenoord. Hopefully, the guys who go on international duty (Sobol, Petryak, Shevchenko, Sivakov, Kharatin), will help their teams and come back in a good mood. And most importantly, with no injuries.