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Pyatov: Only the win will be fine with us

Saturday, October 8, 2016



Ahead of the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Kosovo, the goalkeeper of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team spoke about the preparation for the game

- Andriy, how do you prepare for the game, given that there is very little information about the opponents available?
- Right, they had only two games. There isn’t much stuff, but we already had a theory session, where we analysed their performance. At least, we can clearly see their style, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We look for the ways to rip open Kosovo’s defence. We’ve been working on that.

- Will the team have enough time to recover after the match against Turkey, where you lost much energy?
- I think all the guys in the national team have got used to this playing rhythm and no recovery issues will arise.

- How do the coaching staff prepare you for the encounter with the opponents who are not the strongest?
- We are facing a very important match. Everyone understands that after two draws Ukraine will be happy with the win only. We respect our opponents, so we prepare and tune in for the match very seriously. Kosovo are a quality team. They are good on the counter, with some pacey wingers. We must show our best qualities, and everything will be fine then.

- Journalists and football experts have already predicted Ukraine’s win. What do they say about the upcoming match in the team?
- We do not pay any attention to those talks. These days, everyone can play football, so our training is not any different from what we did before the meeting with Turkey. You have to be focused and give our all.

- You will have to play at the nearly empty arena, because Polish authorities fear the clashes between ultras...
- Yes, I heard that they would allow about a thousand fans into the stadium. Without the support, of course, it’s difficult. We started the qualifying campaign in front of the empty stands, as well as this time. I want our fans to be as numerous as possible there. It motivates the team a lot.