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Fonseca: The atmosphere was fantastic

Saturday, September 10, 2016



Shakhtar head coach on a duel with Dynamo

- First of all I want to thank our fans for their presence at the stadium. The atmosphere today was fantastic. We felt almost like home. I think football should be like this -spectacular, on full arenas. And we enjoyed it very much. If we talk about the game in general, we met with a fairly good, strong team. But honestly, I think we deserved more - we deserved a win. We were better and spent almost the entire match in the opponent's half of the field. Today was supposed to be a Shakhtar victory. I also want to say that the referee, who is one of the best in Ukraine, had a very difficult night. And not in our favour.

– How much did you miss Taison today? And were you planning to field Eduardo?
– Our team play showed itself. Shakhtar proved to be very good overall. I think it is unnecessary to dwell on the absence of certain players. Today, on the whole, we showed a very high level football.

– Paulo, do you think that maybe you do not fully understand the Ukrainian atmosphere and such rivals as are Dynamo Kyiv? And due to this fact you underestimate the moral and psychological factor of our main opposition? Yevhen Seleznov, being near the field, behaved as if he had been on it all the time - so vividly perceiving it all that he then had to be taken away. At the same time, Facundo Ferreyra has not played a special role in this confrontation. Do you think that you might have overlooked this factor and judged solely on the sport and training performance?
– It is purely your opinion. I totally respect it, but I completely disagree with you. It is very easy to analyse everything after the game. First of all, for those who do not work with the players daily. If this press conference was after any match where we would have won 1-0 with a goal by Facundo Ferreyra, you would hardly have asked me this question. I work with the players on a daily basis and see what decisions should be made.

– This season, taking into account the Super Cup, Shakhtar held their home matches in Odesa, Lviv and Kharkiv. Where do you personally like most?
– We like playing on all the stadiums. There was a wonderful atmosphere with a nearly full arena in Odesa. What we have experienced here today was just unique. I think it was obvious. The whole stadium was supporting us. Personally, I haven't experienced stuff like this before today.

– Maybe there's a desire to return here in the near future?
– Yes.

– In the Portuguese Cup final, which you won, was the atmosphere better or worse?
– Actually, when you win, the atmosphere seems to be even better. But today, it was very similar to the one in Portugal. With only one advantage - then, the whole stadium was not rooting for us, and here 95 percent of people supported Shakhtar.

– At the end of the first half, you and Bernard told something to the referee. What was the reason?
– These are absolutely normal conversations that happen in football. I do not think we should get into it. I just expressed my indignation as to the first half and refereeing.

– What was it regarding to? The penalty?
– There were so many situations, not just the penalty. There were many things that can be further analysed. I do not like to talk about refereeing and try to always avoid it. But in such matches, I, of course, need to express what I do not like, to say what is wrong. We all have bad days or evenings. Today, the referee probably had one.

– Paulo, not as a question, but I want to tell you that all the Dynamo vs Shakhtar matches that ended 1-1, led to the fact that both coaches were unhappy with the refereeing.
– In the Super Cup match I did not say it. No, wait, I said, but on the contrary - I praised the work of the referee. I stand by my opinion: this is one of the best referees in Ukraine. But again, there are unlucky days, nights and evenings. Today was just such a case. We understand that these games are very complex, particularly for the referees. Being a referee is not that easy. In these matches, when everyone becomes a hot head and everyone wants to win, it's always very hard. But I want to say again: he is fully competent and demonstrates excellent work in general.

– How is Dario?
– I cannot say anything for now. Tomorrow we'll learn the details. I know that he felt a very powerful pain and, unfortunately, could not continue.

– Paulo, did you personally have anything to do with the decision to return Butko from being on rent in Amkar?
– Yes, Bohdan is a player with great potential. And we talked about it in the beginning. Butko showed himself great during the last season, played well for the Ukrainian national team. And today he showed himself very well. So I can't say anything bad about him. And I want to add something else. I've already said this live on TV: I want to wish Dynamo a great game in the Champions League match against Napoli.