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Kocaman: Shakhtar is a team with great experience

Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Konyaspor manager speaks about the upcoming encounter with the Pitmen

- Welcome guests. Many a club would like to represent Turkey in this match. Konyaspor have achieved a good result. I feel proud and excited, as we expect the game against strong opponents. I want to note an important point: the team participates in this tournament for the first time, with no experience in European competitions. This said, Shakhtar already won the trophy. This is a team with great experience. The most important thing in the upcoming meeting is not even the goals scored. More important is the experience that we gain by playing against such strong opponents. I watched the games of Shakhtar and want to note their excellent strategy. But they still have some weaknesses, which we will try to take advantage of. Konyaspor will use their will to showcase some good football. I wish a great match to both players and fans. It will benefit not Konyaspor alone, but also the entire Turkish football.

- How big a result may one or three points earned in the game against Shakhtar be for you?
- Of course, that’s important. Scoring points in the opening match, we can take a big step to continue competing in the Europa League.

- Dimitar Rangelov has been suspended and will not play tomorrow...
- Right. It would be great for them to thing over making those suspensions not so long.

- How will his absence affect the team’s condition?
- The spirit of our team remains unchanged. Of course, that’s not a plus for us. But we will try to make up for the absence of Rangelov using other players. We have signed up Ioan Hora. Of course, in such an important match replacing one player by another is a difficult thing. Nevertheless, we will evaluate the readiness of every player and make a decision.

- You said that you would try to take advantage of the opponents’ weaknesses. Can you give us a more extended answer: what exactly do you mean?
- I said that there are no perfect teams. As for Shakhtar’s weaknesses, I would rather share this information with my players instead of journalists.

- Do you consider the absence of Darijo Srna to be a positive thing for your team?
- Darijo is a very strong player. If we argue in theory, of course, this is a great opportunity for Konyaspor. But Shakhtar in general are quite a strong team, and they will be able to cope with the absence of one player.

- You said that Konyaspor have no international experience. But you, as a coach, have gained it with Fenerbahce. How will it help you to prepare the team?
- Right, I have the experience. But to win, the players should be able to fulfil their mentor’s ideas. I want to repeat it: Shakhtar is a strong team with experience. So even if our players embody the ideas of ​​the coach, it will not give Konyaspor a major chance. In my opinion, the main thing that will help us tomorrow is our willpower and the appropriate performance.