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Kucher: We must prevent ourselves from underestimating them

Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Shakhtar defender answered the journalists' questions on the eve of the meeting with Konyaspor

- You probably know that in three weeks’ time Ukraine national team will play a World Cup qualifier at the same stadium against Turkey. It is clear that those are different tournaments, and yet: do you consider this trip as a trial or some reconnaissance in force?
- Of course, we know that we will play here against Turkey national team. But for the moment all our thoughts are associated only with tomorrow's match. We don’t think yet about the upcoming game of the national team.

- Shakhtar repeatedly played in Turkey. Perhaps this is a foreign country, in which you had to play your games most frequently. And your team find it comfortable enough to meet with their Turkish counterparts...
- Yes, the statistics of meetings is in our favour. But above all, we must prevent ourselves from underestimating the opponents and take the field at concert pitch. We understand and we know that Konyaspor play in a very compact and aggressive way. Therefore, we should carefully approach our tomorrow's meeting.

- We know that the Istanbul fans very well support their teams. Konyaspor also seem to cause a stir tomorrow. What is the role of the 12th man in tomorrow's match?
- We are also well aware that in Turkey they support their clubs well. People love football and know how to root. Plus they are marking a big religious holiday here - by the way, let’s greet them on the occasion. We understand that tomorrow there will be many fans, perhaps a full stadium. This fact will cheer Konyaspor on. But we still find playing in front of crowded stands nice.

- Did you study the opponents and watch videos of their games? What Ukrainian team would you compare Konyaspor to in terms of style?
- It’s hard to compare. I can only say that Konyaspor play in a very compact manner, with two forwards, also launching quite aggressive attacks.

- Is it good news for you as a defender that Konyaspor, who practise playing with two strikers up front, have lost their spearhead, who is not playing tomorrow?
- It is difficult to answer, because I, unfortunately, did not see that many games of our opponents.