Kryventsov: We had a huge desire to win

Saturday, September 17, 2016



After defeating Vorskla, the mentor of Shakhtar U21 shared his take on the game

- We won, showing a good quality of football and game organisation. Shakhtar were superior to the opponents in many aspects: during their transitions from defence to attack and vice versa, while controlling the ball, and most importantly, we had a huge desire to win. All that resulted in a natural result. Although I cannot but mention quite unsuccessful performance at the end of the match. One just mustn’t act like that defensively.

- The opponents built their performance around defending today. Were you ready for such a scenario?
- Everyone plays like that against us. We’ve got used to that. But to be honest, I expected Vorskla to be a bit more active in the first half. However, we should be given credit in this regard: the defenders covered the spaces very well, knowing how Poltava operate, and we fully dispossessed them, so they found it impossible to carry out attacks. Meanwhile, we scored twice. We realized that in the second half Poltava would charge forward and warned the players against that, asking them to keep the ball for less time, rapidly delivering it to the free zones and creating an advantage due to the speed of our forwards. But, unfortunately, in the second half we did not get that kind of fluid performance. There were some good episodes and moments, but some individual players just played about as well. But overall, I am happy with today's match.

- The club newcomer Oleksandr Masalov debuted for the U21 team. What do you make of his performance?
- Oleksandr played it at a decent level, especially considering that it was his first appearance for Shakhtar and that he has never before acted in tandem with Sahutkin. Besides, it was important for us to let the other players appear. Today we fielded Danylo Ihnatenko, Roman Yalovenko, Denys Arendaruk, who has been very serious about training recently. Therefore, we can state that at certain positions there is competition. Hopefully it will help the players progress.