Sachko: We were waiting for error near opponents’ goal

Sunday, September 18, 2016



Press conference of Vorskla head coach after the meeting with the Pitmen

- There’s nothing in particular to comment on. Everyone saw what was happening on the pitch. To date, Vorskla find it hard to resist such team as Shakhtar. They won deservedly: being superior to us pace wise, plus individually strong. It’s no problem for a Shakhtar player to win a one-on-one challenge and immediately gain an advantage. It’s very hard to display open football against this team. Therefore, we have tried to build our performance around defending. Yet, Shakhtar did not allow us to fulfil any blistering attacks. But if I remember it correctly, during the last seven games the Pitmen conceded only two goals, and even those were spot kicks. That is, they don’t allow not just us to gather pace, but also the other teams. We wanted more offensively... We withstood it in the first half, and in the second, unfortunately, we made a mistake and conceded one. We were waiting for an error near the opponents’ goal, but they never made one. Our congratulations to Shakhtar on the win.